Our offices are:
Monday to Friday between 2:00 - 4:00 pm approx (we depend on the courier company's truck passing through our premises).

Saturdays between 11:00 am - 12:00 noon approx (we depend on the courier company's truck passing through our premises).


- All purchases made after these hours or after the truck has already picked up are immediately scheduled for the next business day. The delivery time runs from when we deliver the package to the courier company. NOT from the moment the sale was finalized.

- The estimated delivery times are: Main cities (between 1-3 business days) - Secondary cities, towns or villages (between 2-5 business days).



Within the shipping policies of all courier companies there are up to 15 business days, for delivery of a package within the national territory, this in an extreme and unconventional case is what they assure that it could take.
We will always try by all means that your order reaches you as quickly and safely as possible. But in the event that for reasons external to LAGRIMAL your order presents some inconvenience, you must have a little patience and wait for its arrival.



All our shipments outside of Medellín are packed in an outer security bag and a paper bag or inner box, in some cases also wrapped with stretch; duly marked with all the recipient's information. (Name, city, address, house or apt and cell).
It is VERY important that when you receive your order you check that: 1- The packaging is not altered, torn, opened, forced, looted.
You MUST review the contents of the package in the presence of the addressee in case you see any of the aforementioned conditions and in case of possible lack of one or more items you must inform us immediately at our line: 3147459355 and You must not receive the package, nor sign the proof of receipt. Well, by doing so you accept the package as it arrived and in that case neither the courier company nor LAGRIMAL can assume that responsibility. Take photos as evidence of lack of the item, of the altered package, photo of the guide with the name and ID of the courier, date and time.
With this evidence we can answer you for loss of the products, as long as you check it in the presence of the courier and DO NOT sign for the delivery.
* Within 2-3 days after completing the PQR procedure for theft with the courier company, we will make the new delivery.

* Packages that are altered or mishandled and were received by the recipient without prior review of their content are NOT guaranteed.


LAGRIMAL is NOT responsible for lost products if the proof of receipt was signed by the recipient without prior review of the content.